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SquamishDirect.info franchisee instruction and support in Squamish, British Columbia

CityDirect.info?s Instruction and Support for the SquamishDirect.info franchisee

The technology and the know-how to help you succeed in the Squamish, BC market

CityDirect.info will show the SquamishDirect.info franchisee how to get started, train you on the features and benefits of each of our products and guide you in building your marketing sales franchise.

For more information please call us at 1 (866) 445-9004 and choose option 3

The Path to Success!

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We empower the SquamishDirect.info franchisee to build their own Squamish area online marketing business without having to do a minute of programming or website development

CityDirect.info thinks of itself first and foremost as a customer service business (this is where, to a large extent, you come in), then as a marketing company, and then as a leading web 2.0 technology company. We first and foremost help franchisees to help their clients and then we take care of everything else that is required to be North America?s leading local search service.

In Business For Yourself, But Not By Yourself

You are not alone. We have the experience, the expertise, the system and the vision to help you achieve your dreams

As the franchisee of SquamishDirect.info, you will receive the full benefits of being part of our exciting franchise system, including full training and support. By applying all the experience we have gathered as an early player in the local search market, we will provide training designed to help you grow your new marketing sales business into a local success.

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CityDirect.info takes care of the technology

We build it; as the SquamishDirect.info franchisee you sell it in Squamish

There is no doubt that developing technology, building websites, and making sure both are addressing the needs of our visitors and advertisers is a very time-consuming and very expensive undertaking. The great news is as a CityDirect.info Franchisee, all of this is done for you.

CityDirect.info?s CitySites, such as SquamishDirect.info, are constantly being improved, updated, and added to, to ensure they are keeping up with the latest features internet users want. This is done to ensure Squamish residents, and visitors to Squamish alike, continue to keep coming back time and time again to SquamishDirect.info.

The best part of this franchise system and the approach it takes is simplicity for you. While you may be in the online marketing industry, you never have to worry about technology. As the franchisee of SquamishDirect.info your job is simply to promote it, build your client base and maintain strong relationships with your Business Members.

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For more information please call us at 1 (866) 445-9004 and choose option 3